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Bully Proof Your Kids

Recently I was horrified at the suicide of a third grader, who was a victim of bullying.  My heart sank as I read the terrible nature in which he died.  As a parent I read this and I thought about my own children and how I would handle such devastating news. Bullying is very real.  It occurs at every age in life.  Yet as we grow older, most learn how to adapt and overcome bullying.  But when your an eight year old kid, it is demoralizing to be repeatedly bullied.  Bullied to a point where ending your own life, is the only option.  But what is more sad is the thought that a third grader knows how to end their own life. Bullying needs to be an unacceptable behavior ALWAYS, especially among children. And we as adults must work harder at stopping it.  I realize our world will never be 100% bully proof, however we must continue to educate each other about the harmful impacts brought about by bullying.  We must work harder at stopping future generations of becoming victims. I kno