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My Identity

The evening of November 29, 2017 was like most typical evenings.  Rush home from work and get my kids to Jiu-Jitsu.  And it being a Wednesday, I also had to fulfill my commitments of coaching the little kids.  But once kids class was over, it was my time.  Time for some adult therapy on the mats.  At the conclusion of class, it was time for the usual fan fare.  Our professor orating the upcoming events, mini-sermons and recognizing others accomplishments...but before I complete the rest of the story, climb aboard my Tartus and take a trip back into time with me.  Into my world before Jiu Jitsu. My childhood was not optimal, as was the case for a lot of other people.  Without delving into a laundry list of pains, my life around me was filled with alcohol, drugs, poverty, abuse, single parenthood and mental illness.   In addition was the constant bouncing around to new schools, places to live and new states as home.  Finally a small sense of normalcy began to set in as I came to rest i