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The Turning Point

Winning in Jiu Jitsu is not always about the medals.  Sometimes, Jiu Jitsu is about the changes made, which are evident in the practitioner.  Case in point is my nine year old son. For those who know my youngest son, they would all agree he is a spit fire at times and tends to have a short attention span.  To paint you the picture of my son, he is like the dog Dug in the movie "Up". My son is a phenomenal squirrel hunter.  However as his parents we never felt medication was the answer for him.  We knew he really needed a release valve for his energy.  That he needed a structured activity, a challenging environment and a place to develop focus.  Therefore we first tried the more traditional athletic We initially selected flag football, because he had expressed an interest.  However we quickly learned most flag football is actually daddy ball.  And unless your parent is a coach, your child would most likely not see a lot of play time.  Unfortunately th