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When I got into this thing called BJJ, I had no idea what I was in for.  As previously stated, I really only started to roll, in order to hush other peoples prodding me to try it out.  Honestly, I had already formulated a plan of quitting and moving on to the next activity in my life.  But somehow I wasn't quitting.  I kept showing up, over and over again...still training and still getting crushed. Now don't misunderstand me, I don't claim to being a quitter.  Because I can demonstrate many examples in my life, where I had to fight like hell to move beyond certain events or achieve certain goals.  However there were times in my life, where I just didn't care the outcome and if quitting was an option, I had no issues in doing so. But something struck me about BJJ.  I found inspiration in wanting to succeed in something that was going to demand more of me physically, emotionally and mentally.  For you see, over the years I allowed myself to become a very stagnant pers

Five And Five

For those old enough to remember, there used to be a game show on T.V. called The Love Connection .  When it came time to break to the commercials, the host Chuck Woolery would invariably tell the audience..."We'll be back in two and two".   In other words, the commercials are going to take up the next two minutes and two seconds of my time.  Similar to the  The Love Connection , once completing the classroom portion of my BJJ training, the application portion takes up the next twenty-five minutes of my time.  The twenty-five minutes is divided into five rounds for five minute increments. Or as I like to refer to it, the Five and Five.  Now as far as i know, no one else calls it the Five and Five, except me.  But I call it that, so as to  measure my performance against the twenty-five minutes of rolling.  It allows me to evaluate my endurance based upon certain factors well within my control. For some white belts, twenty-five minutes may not seem like a long time but fo