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Complacency is an easy trap to fall into and really doesn’t require much effort.  It’s a subtle condition that steals our motivation one decision at a time.  Here of late I allowed myself to be robbed. Robbed of overall health and more importantly my Jiu Jitsu journey. Complacency starts with one poor decision.  You know the kind.  A cookie isn’t going to amount to anything or I don’t feel like training tonight.  And I’m guilty as charged.   However, it’s worse when it becomes habit forming.  And I admit it.  The muscle memory for complacency has reached new heights for me. Now here is the excuse, right or wrong, it is the reality.  Here of late, my personal life has been in a turmoil.  Not a turmoil in a bad way, just more about shifting priorities.  Priorities such as sick kids, late days at the office or other event’s which have distracted me from what is important.  The distractions, while legitimate should not excuse eating poorly or training less.  I’ve allowed the dis