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I'm a failure

I’m a failure! Oh, how many times I’ve uttered those words inside my head, still to this day.   And yet despite all my success…such as a great marriage and family, Cum Laude Graduate of The University of Tulsa, great job with a great company, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt…I still utter these words in my head. I often wonder why I take such a harsh outlook on myself and why I continue to use these words even today.   Maybe it’s still tied to a failed marriage, jobs or a whole list of other events which continue to remind me of my imperfection.   Or maybe it’s because I continue to compare myself to others, without truly knowing the real story. The simple fact of the matter is we all fail, at some point in our life.   However, we should not let it define us.   We should stop hitting the rewind button on our lives and reliving those failures. For me personally I frequently find myself getting up off of the couch called life and hitting that rewind button on the VHS tape playin