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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is tough and it should be.  Let's face it, if it was easy, the outcome would be meaningless and who wants to spend time being involved in meaningless activities.  With that said, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also about community.  Each of us from varying backgrounds, beliefs and political ideologies...etc, coming together as a community to train.  Therefore when we (student(s)) meet up with others of the same community (school), our individual identity (ego) should take a back seat, so that the Jiu Jitsu community can progress and grow. Looking over my couple of years of being a member of a specific community, it has been a quick and gratifying progression of learning to keep my ego in check.  For you see, I had one of the worst kind of ego's one could posses.  I had an ego built on low self-esteem.  It's not that I hadn't accomplished many a great things in my own personal life, because I had. However what I had not settled within my