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Come Join Us

In recent weeks I’ve heard a phrase being communicated in a variety of ways, from a diverse group of people, holding varying belief structures.   So, I wanted to address what I’ve been hearing and offer my own perspective.   My hope is bridging a gap of understanding and hopefully changing a perspective.   Even if it’s just a little. So, what is it that I’ve heard lately?   Well it’s goes something like this… “that’s why I don’t attend church, because its already filled with hypocrites” or “the church is filled with hypocrites” or some other variation, which incorporates the word hypocrite and church. Therefore, let me begin by letting out a not so big a secret…you’re right.   They church is filled with hypocrites and that’s where they belong.   It has it's share of adulterers, drunkards, gossipers as the bible plainly calls it.    Or people who have hate, overtly critical or suffer from addictions (sexual or substance).   It's is also filled with greedy people, who e