When I got into this thing called BJJ, I had no idea what I was in for.  As previously stated, I really only started to roll, in order to hush other peoples prodding me to try it out.  Honestly, I had already formulated a plan of quitting and moving on to the next activity in my life.  But somehow I wasn't quitting.  I kept showing up, over and over again...still training and still getting crushed.

Now don't misunderstand me, I don't claim to being a quitter.  Because I can demonstrate many examples in my life, where I had to fight like hell to move beyond certain events or achieve certain goals.  However there were times in my life, where I just didn't care the outcome and if quitting was an option, I had no issues in doing so.

But something struck me about BJJ.  I found inspiration in wanting to succeed in something that was going to demand more of me physically, emotionally and mentally.  For you see, over the years I allowed myself to become a very stagnant person, physically and mentally.  I quit placing value in maintaining a good physical appearance, positive life outlook and a healthy diet.  I found myself not concerned with what the outcome was.  Yet because of BJJ, I began to demand change to things I had neglected.  I didn't want to be this way anymore.  I didn't want to be complacent, uncaring or just lazy.  I wanted change and my change now had inspiration.

As an example.  Our classroom time is split up by demonstration (teaching) and application (rolling) for about one hour.  Close to the end of the class, we all fix our gi's, sit down based upon rank and either celebrate the progression of another student, announcements or as I like to call them, mini-sermons.  These mini-sermon are a special time for me. It's a time in which we receive motivation or instruction to demand more of ourselves.  Sometimes these times are truly honest, with a degree of personal emotion set in,  other times these sermons are definitely the kind you would expect if you were in basic training in some military branch.  In either event, I draw a great deal of inspiration from this time.  Because the speaker providing the sermon is man enough to speak from the heart.  Even if speaking from the heart involves a level of sensitivity, which others might consider unmanly.

Other examples of inspiration for me are those who freely share the gift of Jiu Jitsu.  Rock stars who have excelled at their game faster than others but always remember where they started.   People who don't deem it beneath themselves to share the knowledge and bring others up as well.  People who are not only diplomats on the mats but off the mats as well.  Individuals that truly represent the art for what it is...A community!

So when I find myself lacking in motivation, wanting to quit or just not even wanting to train, I remind myself of the others who are there for me.  People who may not necessarily know of their impact, yet still inspire anyways.  People who lay aside their ego for the betterment of the Jiu Jitsu community and who in turn impact the broader community outside of Jiu Jitsu.  It is that inspiration which makes me a better husband, father, friend, employee and just an overall better human being.

Learn to be an Inspiration!

Peace, Love & Chokes

Will h.


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