Come Join Us

In recent weeks I’ve heard a phrase being communicated in a variety of ways, from a diverse group of people, holding varying belief structures.  So, I wanted to address what I’ve been hearing and offer my own perspective.  My hope is bridging a gap of understanding and hopefully changing a perspective.  Even if it’s just a little.

So, what is it that I’ve heard lately?  Well it’s goes something like this… “that’s why I don’t attend church, because its already filled with hypocrites” or “the church is filled with hypocrites” or some other variation, which incorporates the word hypocrite and church.

Therefore, let me begin by letting out a not so big a secret…you’re right.  They church is filled with hypocrites and that’s where they belong.  It has it's share of adulterers, drunkards, gossipers as the bible plainly calls it.   Or people who have hate, overtly critical or suffer from addictions (sexual or substance).  It's is also filled with greedy people, who either run a church or attend church.  Additionally The Church is filled with people who suffer from mental illness or PTSD, personal hurt, tragedy or a loss.  But whatever the reason or “hypocritical” attribute assigned to a person, The Church is we all belong. 

And why you might ask?  Simple, because Jesus never designed The Church to be a place for the perfect, it was meant for the imperfect, as noted in way too many Bible verses. The Church was designed for the overlooked, the broken hearted, the sick and all the hypocritical attitudes identified above.  The cool thing about a  church is this.  We all belong with each together.  To celebrate our faith, our victories and strengthen each other with our struggles.

Allow me to use myself as an example.  I’m truly gifted in the foul language arts.  It’s something I’m not proud of.  However, it’s something I learned easily as a kid growing up in the various low-income areas between Cleveland, Ohio and Oakhurst, Oklahoma.  And over the years I’ve laid down a lot of my struggles.  But I continue to struggle with one particular flaw, which doesn’t make me sound Christ like.  However, I have friends who correct me, a wife who supports me and a church home who is there to correct me along the way. And eventually I know I’ll beat this character flaw just like all the others.

I also liken church to my participation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The majority come with no experience.  However, as we are taught early on in BJJ, if we are willing to humble ourselves and allow others to teach us.  We eventually become teachers ourselves, thus promoting growth.

We all have a journey.  And church is there for helping each other through our weakness.  To make each others journey successful.  And if we are consistent in attendance, we grow and those bad habits, struggles, etc...disappear

So, if you feel like The Church is filled with hypocrites,  well it is.  However my hope is that you come join us anyways.  Because I’m certain about this one thing…you would fit in as well.

Peace, Love & Chokes,

Will h.


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