My Journey

Quite simply, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ as commonly referred to by most practitioners, has changed my life forever.  For most people, they have no idea as to what BJJ truly is.  I dare say, that if anyone has heard of BJJ, most think of it as just another style of "martial arts".  And you know what...their right.  However there is more to it than that.  Because for most of those who practice BJJ, it is their lifestyle, their lifeblood!

In order to truly understand what BJJ is, you must first understand where it originated.  And to spare the average reader the pain of reading it's history, I'll explain it one brief sentance.  It's birth Japan, it's roots Brazil and it's popularity American.  BJJ quite simply is a defensive art, consisting primarily of grappling techniques.  Now there is quite a bit more to it than that.  But for the average lay person, that is the high level view of BJJ for now.

So the question becomes, how does it change a person?  Well that's a great question to ask the individual practitioner.  However be prepared to receive a unique answer specific for that individual.   For most it can be summed up as a "journey".   A journey that requires humility, consistency and most importantly a lot of grinding.  And for those unfamiliar with the term of "grinding", it's really nothing more than a euphemistic term to describe the act of sparring.

Now how has BJJ changed me?...well that's the purpose of this page.   My goal is to begin the process of documenting my "journey".  For me, I'm a late comer to this journey and therefore bring a much different perspective, than say my 10 yr old son.   However in any event, my journey is my own and has been for the last year and a half.  No one knows my struggles, doubts, triumphs or hurts from the last year and a half better than I.  And no one will own my future journey as well.

So over the course of the life of this page, I hope to share that journey with you.  Along side that, I'll include other things, than just myself.  I truly hope that what I bring to this page not only strengthens me but also many others as well.

Peace, Love and Chokes,

Will h.


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