I Can't Dance

I created this page over three years ago.  It's intended purpose was to share my journey, as an older student of Jiu Jitsu.  In some ways I accomplished that goal, however in other ways I failed. It really boils down to effort and time, very much like Jiu-Jitsu...  Yet every day is a new day and today will be no different.  So with that in mind, today is a reboot of my blog.

My reboot will remain Jiu Jitsu.  But it will also incorporate other facets of my life as well.  Things that interest me, stories about me and events which shaped me.  All with the one goal of lifting up others and helping others see the good in themselves.  In addition, I really want to encourage feedback.  I'm not looking for atta boys, likes or anything to stroke the ego.  I'm wanting feedback because I want to learn from you...the reader.  However I would ask that your feedback be respectful and give others pause to think...including me. Feedback that makes us all winners in one way or another.  So, that being said...let me begin.

I can't dance.  Don't believe me, just ask my wife.  About ten years ago my wife and I enrolled in ballroom dancing lessons and it was hard for me.  I was a dancing train wreck.  Why?  Because there were just to many steps that I had to memorize.  Which made it hard for me to build up muscle memory.  Sounds similar to Jiu Jitsu...huh?  There are those who don't struggle in this fashion, however I do.  Which is why I left the dance floor.  Because I became frustrated, embarrassed and ashamed of my lack of technique and the ability to develop muscle memory.

So along comes Jiu-Jitsu into my life.  And much like dancing, most Jiu Jitsu techniques, can require a few steps to memorize.  And typically, I reach my max capacity for learning at about 3 - 4 steps into the technique.  Why?  Well just like in the dancing, my mind begins to wander.  So having a short attention span, combined with my lack of muscle memory, requires more practice than most.

Some may not be aware but I spent about twenty years being a Reserve Police Officer.  And one of the things which was very important was weapons handling.  Practicing drawing from the holster, learning to reload with out looking, presenting your weapon at your target...etc.  And over the years I became proficient.  Not an expert, just proficient.  Yet practice and repetition was the key.

When we did situational shooting stations, a lot of the times we had to shoot on the move.  And during certain courses of fire, there were specific magazine changes which we needed to be performed while shooting the target, while on the move. This was not easy and took a lot of coordination, practice and time, in order to be at the very least proficient.  After one of the courses of fires, a range instructor complimented me on my mag changes, how I walked while on the move and a few other things. But these things were not possible, had I not done my part and practiced on my own and as a team.

Well the same is true for my Jiu Jitsu. Yes I'm a klutz and have a short attention span.  It's how I'm hard wired.  But the thing I've learned in Jiu Jitsu is you have to define your style based upon your mental and physical makeup.  And regardless of limitations,  I have to place importance with practicing on my own, along with my training partners. That I need to tailor my game around my limitations.  And by doing so I will retain the muscle memory needed to become more proficient.  And this being the early stage of my Jiu Jitsu journey, there is plenty of time for corrective action to improve the effectiveness of my game.  My success will be small and incremental but in reality, none of that should matter.  What should really matter is I don't quit dancing!

Peace, Love & Chokes

Will h.


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