My First Fathers Day

Fathers Day.  I dare say for most men, is a nice thought in which we celebrate but with minimal fan fare.  Yes we appreciate the loving adoration from our spouse and children.  But at the end of the day, we just view it as another day in "the life of" being a father.  For me personally, that's how I typically view fathers day.  Except for the fact there is one Fathers Day I got to celebrate before I officially became a father.

It all started around the turn of the 21st century.  Rhonda and I had been barely married two years.  Both of us were gainfully employed and I was also working to complete my education at The University of Tulsa.    Graduation was fast approaching and discussions of children began to fill the air.  Looking past graduation, we prioritized planning for children.  Therefore, after much discussion, we consciously made the choice to start the process of "getting pregnant."   We wanted to time the event of a child birth, close after my graduation from college.

However almost immediately, it became apparent that something was amiss.  Getting pregnant wasn't happening as planned.  That one of us was not doing their part in contributing to the conception of children.   Charting, timing and frequency was coming up empty with each passing month.  It was challenging, heart wrenching and down right stressful at times.  So the question became...what next?

So the next logical step was to seek medical advice.  And while my recollection is fuzzy on why we started with me.  I remember it being the path we took.  We scheduled time with a urologist and began the process of ruling me out.  However through a series of tests, it was determined I was the culprit for the in ability to conceive.  That was a shocker and a big blow to my male ego.  In addition to that, was the Doctors recommendations for remedying "my" problems.  And none of them had any appeal at all.  So it was then I crawled into my hole and checked out.  All I could envision was the two of us living childless until death or painfully going through the process of adoption.  Both being options that were not appealing.

So I stayed in this hole for a couple of weeks.  Then one day, while pondering this whole set of circumstances, I summoned my best friend, my wife.   I had had a revelation.  It was clear to me and it was a challenge.  And this is what I conveyed to her.  "Either God is who he says he is or there ain't no God at all".  It was at that moment I tested God.  It was at that moment we gave thanks to God for our future family and went about our life.

Several weeks passed and the imaginable happened.  We found out we were with child.  We were with child on Fathers Day 2002.

So fifteen years and three kids later, I look back at that day and celebrate the best Fathers Day ever.  The day in which we celebrate our faith and our children.  The day in which we celebrate Fathers day before our first child is born.

So to all the men out there.  Don't loose faith and don't loose heart.  But most importantly, don't forget the greatest title ever earned...Father!

So Happy Fathers Day.  Happy Fathers day to all you great dads out there!


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